The Temple Eclipse - April 8, 2024



If you’ve found this page and wondering what this is all about, hopefully the information contained here will help explain.

The Temple Theatre is the anchor business for downtown Houlton, Maine.  It is housed on the first floor of Masonic Block at 20 Market Square.  For information on the Masonic building you can find it on our History Page.


We’ve included the documents we have so far that help provide information on the Masonic Building, the Temple Theatre, 1918 Eclipse and the 2024 Eclipse.

Houlton Pioneer Times Articles

Total Eclipse from August 14, 1918

You can find the details of the Total Solar Eclipse from August 14, 1918 by clicking the image to the right.  As you will see, the path of this eclipse included the region south west of Australia.

Houlton’s antipode is the yellow marker on the map.  An antipode is the opposite spot on the map of any location.  The total eclipse of August 14, 1918 took place at Houlton’s antipode.



United States

Continent: America

Coordinates: 46.126, -67.840

Antipodal point

Opposite side in the world

Continent: America

Coordinates: -46.126, 112.160